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How to get started on creating a healthy, fulfilled life.

In my line of living, being exposed to so many people, I often get the question "How do you start" when discussing developing a relationship with yourself. The answer is all too simple: Just begin. There are so many ways to lead a healthy live and so many pathways that will take you there. Through knowing your self, through developing habits that support a positively charged life, and through loving yourself - truly loving yourself, these experiences will help you to deepen your human experience. When I first started out on this path, I was around the age of 20. Living in San Diego, broke and trying to put myself through community college, I became hyper aware that I had a lot of things I was going to need to heal and work on in comparison to those around me who came from a finer background. Without really having much of a game plan, I started to take myself to the ocean. A lot. Alone. I'd sit for hours alone, staring at the pushing and pulling of the waves, sorting through the vast feelings and thoughts that filled my inner silent spaces. Looking within, uncomfortably as it was at times. And through that process, I began to heal. That small step towards a relationship with myself created a curiosity that has never thinned.

From those beach dates with myself, I developed other ways to unpack my mind and heart. Other ways to know myself more. I created processes that would help me steer my energy and change my default mind settings to a more positive outlook . I began to take notice of the seconds rather than let them slip by.

In a few years, these small gestures had changed some of the fundamentals of who I was. I grew through those years as a more mindful 20-something. Even as I fuddled my way through those painfully energetic and socially wild years, I remained diligent in honoring that work by continuing to grow. Flash forward 20 years and those small processes I put into place have created a fulfilled, deeply connected, healthy and big energy life. There is no age limit. There is no "it's too late" when it comes to self growth. There is only a YES or a NO to the possibility to create a life of good health in mind, body, heart and spirit. There is no wrong way. Just begin.

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