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Everyone needs a good team. A team who can inspire, who can lift them up and help guide them to their full truth and potential.

Consider me part of your team. It's my honor and privilege to help you reach your higher, healed, happy self. 

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What Is My Mentorship? 

My life truly began once I worked through the confusion of imprints I received from growing up,  found my way back to my truth and learned how to create a healthy, clean life. This is where life really blossoms for you - it's when all of life becomes a celebration of witnessing and simply appreciating being alive.


Mentoring is where I get to help share what has helped me live fully in a state of my truth, gratitude, compassion and joy. 


Through private 1:1 mentoring, together we go on a journey to help you reach your full potential of healthy, whole living.  With my outside perspective, I may help you see things that are out of your line of sight. We create personalized processes to help design a life of maximized potential and we help you to redefine your relationship with yourself and your life. 

Our mentoring takes place in the comfort of your home. With video calls, texts and emails, we work together to make the timings work for your life. 


My guidance is a blend of yoga, yogic philosophy, spirituality, healthy living, meditation, movement and practices I've studied and implemented in over 20 years of self work. 

If you're ready to open yourself up to the life your true self was made for, let's see if we're a match. Contact me to apply for mentorship.

I wish deeply for you to find your way back home to yourself. 


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