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Alethia Austin 
Body Movement Leader, Event Organizer

Alethia Austin is a yoga leader with 10+ years of experience practicing and leading yoga classes in a group setting and in a one on one setting. Alethia teaches body movement in the sky as an international skydiving coach. She hosts events worldwide for over 6 years in the US, Spain, Portugal & Mexico. She has been leading yoga in Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, the UK, US, India, Norway, Sweden, Slovenia and more. 

Alethia hosts the Healthy Living Yoga Retreats. These retreats are an invitation to go deeper into oneself through movement, meditation, healthy processes, relaxation, space and quiet. At the Healthy Living Yoga Retreat you are provided an incredible  location to unwind, be pampered and enjoy your time. All retreats include plant based meals by a top local chef. 

Alethia is passionate about yoga, movement, mindfulness, health, creating processes to support a relationship to self, and self growth. 


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